about us

 Belgian label for babies & children
Founded in November 2019 by a loving family.

 “We have always had a dream to be able to create something that shows our values and our creativity. Eventually, help came along the way... Our daughter and of course the tiny star of our company was the biggest inspiration which made us create the Belgian-made label Tiny By Me.

We stand for providing the perfect combination between going out and just staying in, the best of both worlds. We can't emphasize enough how much satisfaction it gives us to provide your tiny ones with the two things we believe in: simplicity and comfort. 



The name of our daughter and one of our colours in the collection. Sienna was born on Tuesday the 14th of May and as mentioned above, we were inspired by her to start this label. From the day she was born, the love for sustainable baby fashion started to grow together with the love for her.

Valeria and daughter Sienna


If we must describe our label in one word, it would be ‘SIMPLICITY’. We are all in for the most simple and timeless designs in natural colours. Our chosen colours are inspired by the Earth, which makes all items gender neutral and can be worn by a girl or a boy.

Tiny one piece - stone



All designs are drawn and made by us in Belgium. After the design is made a group of textile manufacturers in Portugal, bring our items to life. They are specialized in development and production of high quality clothing. Beyond its healthy legal framework, Portugal offers above all a quality in manufacturing internationally recognized, built on a traditional knowhow

We keep thinking about how to do things more sustainably, now and in the future. Our collections are therefore all made in small batches to have as little waste as possible.  The items are made with GOTS certified organic fabrics.

They are packed in plastic clothing bags to keep them in perfect condition during transportation to our storage. (These degradable packaging bags are made of corn starch and whole biological resin.)

bio plastic bags



Personal service is what you get, when buying at Tiny By Me. When buying baby clothing online it can be difficult to see how the items will fit your baby or what size you should take, especially when they are labelled in months & years because every child is different and grows in his/her own way. (You can also check our size guide HERE)

 Any questions? Just click on the chat button on our website or choose another preferred contact option, we are very happy to help you as soon as possible.



All pictures are taken by the lovely Lisa from 'Brunetti Productions'